Fosters are our most valuable asset. Without them we would not be able to rescue any puggles. Fosters are angels that open their homes and hearts to these special animals, loving and caring for them while APR searches for a new forever home for the puggle.

Fostering is a blessing in so many ways

  • The puggle feels love, comfort, and helps them build trust.  They won't receive that in a kennel.
  • Fostering helps get the dog adopted faster because we can get a real picture of the dog's character, behavior and likes. Allowing us the opportunity to place him in the perfect home for his personality and energy level.
  • If the dog is healing from a medical procedure or illness, being in a foster home allows the time to heal unstressed.
  • It is a great way for you to become involved in rescue. Learn about a specific breed.
  • Fostering allows you to fall in love (without a long term commitment).

Arizona Puggle Rescue will provide you with everything you need: food, a crate, bed, toys, treats. We cover all medical expenses for the puggle. All we ask is that you love the dog, treat him like you would your own, and update us with pictures, information and videos to post to social media to help him get adopted.

fosters ARE the true heros